Category: Adapted Bathrooms

Folding Bathroom Doors

Folding Bathroom Doors

Our folding bathroom doors have been the industry benchmark for over 26 years. We proudly source and manufacture our products wi

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Sliding Doors


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Advantage Doors

Occasionally clients may experience difficulties opening traditional shower doors. Autumn’s Advantage option is a free add-on to folding and sliding doors, which eradicates door seal maintenance and

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Platinum Door Range

Portable Easi-Screens

Autumn UK’s Easi-screens
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Tru Shower Cubicle

Tru shower cubicle and Tru shower/toilet cubicle:
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Manufactured in the UK

Removes waste water where connection to the soil stack is not possible or where gravity fall

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Floor Formers

Shower Trays

Shower Trays


Wall-mounted shower seat with legs


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