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Tru Cubicle

Watertight showering enclosure, toilet and hand basin

Offers en suite facilities nearly anywhere in the home

Retain your independence in the comfort of your home

Ideal for families who do not want to adapt their bathroom to a permanent wet floor

Delivered to your home, in component form, ready to be installed

Where there is availability of suitable power and water supplies the unit can be functional within a matter of hours

No material damage to the fabric of the house

Minimises disruption to your home and will uninstall leaving little evidence it was ever there

Easy to install

The unit has been designed for rapid assembly on site. Where there is the availability of suitable power and water supplies the unit can be functional within a matter of hours. Typical installation takes 2 days where services are required to be installed.

Easy to survey

When considering the Tru Cubicle it is important to ensure that there is enough operating space for the person (and carer if needed) to effectively use the unit. Shower doors can open both in and out to ensure maximum access and a ramp can be provided for some trays. The unit requires a water supply, access to a waste outlet and a suitable power supply. All services can generally be accessed by tapping into existing services within the property.

Specially Adapted Roof

Due to the strength and specific design features of the Autumn TRU Cubicle it is possible to manufacture the unit to allow a track hoist to pass over the unit. This can make the unit accessible to those who can only be mobilised by overhead hoist.

Autumn UK’s Cubicle Installation Guide

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Autumn UK’s Tru Cubicle Surveying Guide

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SpecificationTru Standard CubicleTru Toilet Cubicle
Shower Tray * Standard option 1200mm x 1000mm*✔✔
3 Sided High-pressure Laminate Sides and Back 6mm thick x 1850mm high✔✔
Advantage Air Assisted Doors✔✔
2 x LED Roof Lights & Roof✔✔
Extractor Fan✔✔
Waste Water Pump✔✔
SpecifiGrab Rail✔✔
Curtain & Curtain Rail✔✔
Electric Shower✔✔
Wash Hand Basin & Heater Tap✖✔
 Wall Hung Toilet and Seat✖✔
 Ramp (Optional)
 Installation Kit✔✔
 Note: other tray sizes are available on request✔✔

(Consult your healthcare professional for advice)

Note: The opening illustrated is 200mm wide but can be specified as required.


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